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  • Robert Prins
    About languages, why not just one group, and ask posters to prefix the title of their post with [COBOL], [C], [PL/I], etc if it's about a specific language?
    • Finbar Burke
  • John L Watson
    I see why you want to avoid large numbers of groups - it becomes confusing & unmanageableI think the other side of the argument is stronger, though (within sensible limits). For example, if someone is looking for (say) CICS discussions, they have to wade through all the other transaction manager detailSo, for Transaction Managers, I’d suggest:
    • CICS
    • IMS
    • Other transaction managersFor languages:
    ...  more
  • Finbar Burke
    Regarding groups, I want to avoid having loads of groups, at least until it gets busy here, but open to suggestions and opinions on this. My thinking is to create a set of core groups around the key skill areas in mainframe for members to post news stories, blog links, ask questions etc.

    I was thinking along the lines of DevOps, RACF/security, DB2.......

    What do you think
  • Finbar Burke
    Hello everyone,

    Just to let you know that I'm hoping to get a new site up for LMF over the next few days.

    Adding lots of 'LinkedIn' style features including who viewed me and view activity pages, better search function, new page layouts, and some other cool stuff.

    Biggest update is to profile pages, members will now be able to add a full profile in a similar format to LinkedIn. Really hoping lots of people will get involved and copy/cut 'n' paste their profiles across and help get this bi...  more
  • DeLander Collins
    Greetings All. Is there a CICS group or is the CICS group under another group name?
  • Finbar Burke
    Hopefully over the next short while we can decide on the final set of groups for the time being. As I said, looking into and intending to get a 'move to' feature added to the admin menu, so if groups are added or become more granular in the future, relevant historical posts can be moved across.

    Currently Frans Beyl is the first to make a suggestion, and his list is
    Coding environment (languages, tools, scripting, ...)
    General...  more
    • Finbar Burke
    • cameron seay
  • Finbar Burke
    Anyone got an opinion on converting the z/VM group into one for all operating systems available on mainframe, and if so, what will we call it, and what would be a good description.....anyone!
    • Finbar Burke
    • Frans Beyl
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  • Finbar Burke
    I Just published the lovemainframe URL over on the facebook-lite, microsoft owned LinkedIn (I like it really) if you see it please give it a like, comment, share and help spread the good news
  • cameron seay
    Does anyone think a COBOL group is warranted. I would commit to regularly posting content there. There is an impending shortage of COBOL programmers. Thoughts!
  • Finbar Burke
    For members who don't upload a profile picture, I've set the default avatar to a picture of Bill Gates, yes, Bill (Microsoft) Gates.

    Hoping that encourages everyone to ensure they upload a profile picture
  • cameron seay
    I think the idea of intelligently thought out groups is great for overall organization of the board. It makes it easier to find the discussion you are most interested in. That may be obvious, but it makes it much easier for me. Others may have less problem with fewer discussion threads.
  • Finbar Burke
    Just in case anyone is wondering......
    This was a script for dating websites (no, seriously) before I started customising it, but there are still a few leftovers to get rid of, not least the 'gender' questions,and photos.
    So what other terminology should we change, I'm considering replacing 'friends' with connect and connections.
    Also really thinking about using 'mainframers' instead of members.

    HELP, any opinions